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Everyday Meets Asiahn 


Written by: Hollie Kawall, July 20, 2019


On Sunday, July 14th I attended one of the hottest Afrocentric day parties, “Everyday People” (located at “Elsewhere Space” in Brooklyn NY). “Everyday People” truly lives up to its name as the multiple room venue was packed in every space of every floor. Upon entering the venue, I was welcomed by the hard bass and surround sounds of the rooftop as well as the other rooms.

As I walked upstairs throughout the venue to each room, I was greeted by so many beautiful, unique melanin brothers and sisters as they danced, enjoyed drinks, and rocked to the afrobeat's that the deejays were playing

I fell in love with the sounds of twin deejays Angel and Dren (ig @angelanddren) who had some of the best transitions I have heard in a long time. They had the crowd on their feet to every song that they transitioned to or even remixed to their own style. Everyone was dressed in such unique and Afrocentric attire that it definitely would catch one’s attention to wonder where they got their outfits from.


















One girl who was at a distance from me, instantly caught my attention. When I was drawn to her symbolic “Ying Yang” earrings that caught my eye I would later find out that this girl was the one and only HER. HER was dressed in her comfortable, baggy yet stylish attire which look always gives me Aaliyah vibes. She was around incognito, dancing to the music, and I didn’t even notice that this girl was HER. There were a few artists present at “Everyday People” that just came to have a good time. I also ran into upcoming rapper Kyah (Ig: kyah_baby) and we were dancing and talking and just enjoying life and the scenery of so many people all here with the same objective, to dance, drink and enjoy each other’s company.




After the twins set came the anticipated performance of one of my favorite R&B singers, Asiahn. Asiahn greeted “Everyday People” with “Curiosity” off of her EP “Love Train 2”. This introduced this artist not only as a person of the black community but a member of the LGBT community as well. Those who didn’t know who Asiahn instantly became fans. It was inevitable that they would fall in love with her music, voice and personality. 





Asiahn performed her own rendition to “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” by Jasmine Sullivan that had the crowd singing along to the classic hit. She also sang her hit “Like You” where she taught the crowd (for those who were unaware) the chorus. In the next few minutes that was that could be heard; everyone singing in unison, “All my love is waiting for someone like you...” as they clapped along to the beat. It is evident to say those who didn’t know Asiahn fell in love with the hypnotic sounds of the artist and all that she had brought to the stage.  





After Asiahn’s performance, I went to greet her and was invited backstage to get to know the artist for who she truly was. We discussed the meanings behind some of her songs:

HK:  How does your music impact your fans?

Asiahn: Nothing that I put out of my own music is fake, everything is an experience.” Asiahn went on to tell me, “when people hear my music whether gay, straight or whatever their preference... it's about how they relate to what I am saying... it's about the way the lyrics hit, it’s about love, it's about hurt...everything that makes us human.







The way that Asiahn’s music touches an individual is enlightening to say the least. She connects people of multiple communities, of different backgrounds and preferences to create unity. I had also spoke to some of Asiahn’s loved ones including some of her cousins who came from New Jersey just to see her perform. They were expressing how proud they are of all of her hard work and they expressed how badly she wanted this for herself and that she wouldn’t stop until she reached her goals and more. To hear a bit of a background story of the artist from the family perspective was inspiring on its own. To have a support system around you is important coming up in the music industry. 


In my time, getting to know the upcoming artist behind the music was euphoric! To know that this is just the beginning for an artist who is on a path to not only create her own success, but to impact and change the perspectives on a more accepting society. 

Artist: H.E.R.

Photo Creds : Everyday People



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Photo creds: bychild


Rapper: Kyah & CEO, Hollie Kawall


 Artist: Asiahn & CEO, Hollie Kawall

Asiahn's Family 

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