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Christian "Trini" Williams


I’m a 24 year old young artist born on the beautiful island of Trinidad & Tobago. I was brought to NYC a few years after I was born. Art wasn’t something I randomly picked up it was constantly displayed to me through my environment. My dad is a great artist also but doesn’t put brush to canvas as much anymore because he works full time as a barber. He has been a barber for more than 20 years mastering his craft. 


To describe my style I would say that it is vibrant and unanticipated. I use characters everyone loves or can relate to and I have them represent modern events or figures from our everyday life. 


Other than being your typical artist I have been doing custom fashion for 2 years strong now, anywhere from painting sneakers, chest rigs, jackets or whatever the case may be and the best part is I get to wear my art and show my skills to hundreds of my fellow NYC people on the daily. I have displayed some of my artwork at events such as TrapxArt and the Equinox Art Gallery/ Pop Up Shop. I am always looking to display and show my talents at art events for people to recognize and purchase and hope to one day take my art further than where I am at currently.  


I know we never know what the future holds but I’m hoping mines will include a clothing line or some sort of creative art company that not only pertains to just canvas work but also custom vehicle art, home decor, and anything else I can put my paint brush on.

Follow Trini:

Personal Instagram: vivalatrini

Business Instagram: trini23nyc


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