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Born and raised in NYC, but never thought I'd see outside of NYC. Growing up I always had an infatuation with Tech but never much so content creation. Due to my interest in Tech, and ability in sports - I got to see outside NYC with my attendance of higher education elsewhere. There, at school, I stumbled across something called the Media Department. I worked there, at first miserably lol - but while I was studying a mix of game design, software dev, and marketing I got a chance to not only dabble in media set up for events, but media equipment, and editing software! From there it was over. I'm self-taught with everything from photo, video editing, to after effects and studio lighting! To be honest, I don't know what category of photographer I'd fall under. I love drone photography, portrait shooting, and street photography. I'm still trying to figure out my go to but you could always visit my site, and decide for yourself! In regards to inspiration - I'm quite spontaneous. I love it when ideas come to be organically. I love to collaborate with open minds, try new things, see new places, and feel different vibes. Lately, all the traveling I've been fortunate to do has been my inspiration for the most part. I'll stick to that for now. I know where I see myself down the road. I'm a Tech guy, always will be a Tech guy, and this Tech guy is in the process of building his own Tech product. Hopefully, it can grow into a Tech company... and ethical one too. In terms of my love for photography - maybe I can combine the two? 

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