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Elliot Sang


Elliot Sang is an artist and writer based out of Queens, New York. At 21 you can call Sang “The Future of Music”. He produces beats under the name RICEKILLA, recording at home, mixing and mastering music as well as promoting his work. You will also catch him singing on a few of his tracks as well. When you listen to Sang’s music you are brought into multiple dimensions. His flow is unique and constantly changing. In January, 2018 Sang dropped his first mixtape “SANG SZN” that really put listeners into his multi-dimensional world of music with his crazy bass beats and relatable lyrics. You can’t help but turn your volume up when “SANG SZN” is on. 


On September 14, 2018 Elliot Sang returned with another mixtape “SANG SZN 1.5” that once again brings listeners to realize that every season is indeed Sang Szn. I won’t go into detail about the amazing work that I have heard on this mixtape but instead will encourage you to listen to it yourself and create your own feedback. 

​You can find Elliot Sang’s music and mixtape's on the following links below:

Personal Instagram: ricekilla

Soundcloud: elliotsang

YouTube: elliotsang



Eli Sang-29.jpg

Photography by : @shotbydende

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