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These Lowtides Have Janelle Mack On Our Radar! 


Interviewed by Tyler C. Perez, December 5, 2018

Janelle Simone Denis-Mack, also known as Janelle Mack, is an upcoming Puerto Rican/African American artist captivating New York with her new singles Lowtide and Radar. Born in Flushing Queens, and raised in the Bronx, Janelle Mack claims the Bronx “is her home and molded her into who she is today” and influencing her ‘raw’ style along with several artists she looks up to including Mary J. Blidge, Beyonce, Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, Hector Lavoe, Selena, Sade and many more. “I am inspired by my city, my family, my friends, strangers, just everyday emotions and situations that people that come from where I come from, or look like I do, experience” says Mack. “Being a young mixed, sexually fluid POC woman living in NYC comes with nonstop inspiration. Musically I’ve been surrounded by so many different genres that its hard to define my sound. [All] have inspired me at one point or another … These artists are raw. They don’t care about being vulnerable, they are true to themselves and that inspires me more than anything”.

 Mack realized her passion in music from young, which later cultivated her start in the music industry. “Music has always been my passion since I could remember, but I didn’t know I could sing until I was about 9 years old. I remember living with my family in a one bedroom apartment on Taylor Avenue. I would always sing but this time my mom stopped me and asked me to sing the song again. She literately had me sing this song at every single one of my family get-togethers and that’s when I knew it had to sound good enough for people to react the way they did” says Mack.

Her latest singles ‘Lowtide’ and ‘Radar’ taps into the artist’s personal dating life, in describing the relatable feelings that accompany being in situationships; each song describing situationships with a different outlook. Janelle Mack’s vulnerability and raw style in these singles allows the listener to visualize the situationship described. Radar, according to Janelle Mack, is a straightforward and direct approach in wanting someone, and desiring to take the next step in ‘doing this thing!’ while Lowtides is more of not wanting to take the next step just yet but, only being “knee deep and would rather continue enjoying each other’s energy and company than to complicate it early on”. The premise for Lowtides and Radar are very relatable especially for dating within our 20s, and the singer mentions having experienced a few times herself, and her producer . “When these songs were made my producer and I were going through it” she says.

“I think it is important to know exactly what you are ready for especially being in your twenties. Most people are in love with the idea of love instead of loving themselves enough to heal be an individual before dedicating themselves to another person. I’m guilty of this and it was real for me.. but it’s different for everyone“ says Mack. Something that many in situation-ships, or have experienced situation-ships, could agree on, no matter the outcome, to know what you’re ready for and what you’re not before going into it and being clear about it.

Janelle Mack is an upcoming artist who hopes to inspire other upcoming artists as well as focusing on growth in her craft. The young artist’s advice for other upcoming artists : “I would definitely say Be yourself! It is so easy to get sucked into sounding like someone else or wanting to create a hit that you lose your originality. And just how other artists have told me, don’t be afraid to shoot your shot! Believe in yourself and chase that dream! No excuses”. Janelle Mack hopes to have festival line ups with other NYC artists, to sell out shows, travel, and connect with people that can relate to her music or just simply enjoy the vibe. She also hopes to write music for stars and have successful projects in all genres. As the artist describes, “lets see where the universe will take me”.

Overall Janelle’s music is a unique vibe that many can relate to. Her singles ‘Lowtide’ and ‘Radar’ are available now on itunes, and she has an EP dropping this winter.

Photo creds: 9inefii 
IG: @_95style 

Janelle's Instagram: shesanaquarius 

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