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I am 25 years old, originally from a small town named Elmira in upstate New York. At a young age, I was heavily interested in video games & cartoons. Not that I didn't have an interesting childhood, but some of my best memories are from these types of media and I believe that being so into both are what instilled art into me. The Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Nicktoons, and Cartoon Network were my obsessions and to this day still are. I never really thought of myself as growing up to be an artist, but I always still made art.


    I would say that I was on the path of going into the fields of science or technology, but once I got in high school I learned that there was a way to combine both my "hobby" and a profession into one. That's when I set to be a graphic designer. I went on to college for Visual Arts & New Media with a concentration in graphic design. After college I moved to the NYC area trying to make it as an artist. 


    Through both experiences I have learned that the shows and games that I cherished were almost a staple to my generation, and bring back happy memories for everyone. There's nothing better than creating something that makes you happy and someone else happy & I would say that's my art style. Either re-creating the happy memories of our past, or turning todays fads into the fun characters we remember. My style is keeping our childhood's alive.


    As for my future, I could never say, but I know I will still buy all the Nintendo games and be collecting all the Pokemon cards I can. In all seriousness, I hope to get into computer science. I would like to take my art to the next level and reach apps & video games, where I can then start to create memories for the next generation.

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Personal/Business IG: paper.KB


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