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Kenny Dolberry

"I am a young, 24 year old, African American male, born and raised in Queens, NY. I received a bachelors and masters degree at Seton Hall University and I stand firm by God's grace and his blessings. My outlet has always been basketball and music because those are the only things that keep me at ease and those are things I am more than passionate about. Music has always been a big part of my family and it is a tradition that i will continue to carry on and it is something I am into a lot more now than anything." 

Listening to Kenny rap you hear the clean verses, relate-able lyrics and feel that 90's vibe. Kenny is a mixture of the story telling, clean flow lyrics, genius thoughts, and straight chill vibes of Jcole, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac and Nas. When Kenny raps you hear truth, you see reality, whether it be about love, relationships, family, or friends or just a day in the hood. Kenny raps about his pain, his joy, and his anger and his truth on what it means to be a black American in today's society. Many will be able to relate to the lyrics as well as the rapper himself and will find a personal satisfaction as they vibe out to his music. 

"Rap is just another way for me to express my true emotions and also to connect with the listener. I'm not in it for the bright lights and the cameras. I just want to spread a message and speak for a group of people that may be going through something and are afraid to speak up. I make music for people to relate to and I always feel as long as one person tells me they were inspired by my message, my job is done, I believe I am Hip-Hop."


Follow Kenny:


Personal Instagram: bennylove_

Twitter: Therealkaylove_

Soundcloud: bennylove527


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