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Kloseups by Krystle

I am a Long Island based photographer who is originally from Queens, New York.

I have gravitated towards portraits, beauty close-ups, and fashion photography. For this reason, I based my social media presence as Kloseups by Krystle. I love to capture facial features with the true beauty within each client. I am inspired by high fashion such as avant garde, creative designs, and fashion icon Rihanna. The art of my photography stems from looking at different mediums such as fabrics, makeup lines, and even nature. For example, it could be as simple as walking through the park and looking at flower beds or leaves on the tree and it sparks an idea to create a shoot with either the textures or the colors.


I started photography at a young age when my family and I took a trip to Disney World and I convinced my mother to buy a digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 2000) for family photos. I learned the settings on the camera and would upload the photos to the computer and edit them in Nikon suite. I stopped taking photos and started doing creative directing and styling with a fellow photographer. I decided at the time it would be best to start focusing on school more, by pursing what I believed was my destiny, architecture. After graduating college with my degree, the reality of my dreams shifted and I finally followed my true path and became who I wanted to be a photographer.


I feel like I have so much to accomplish, and give back, and I know that my work will shine through. One of my many goals are to someday be featured in VOGUE, and to start a production company. I know how amazing my work ethic is and because of that, I am so confident with the content I put out. I want to network with dope people and create magic. A quote that has always stuck with me throughout the years has been “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th”. - Julie Andrews

Follow Krystle:

IG: @kloseupsbyk


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