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Maxx George

I've never cheated 

But I've repeated 

been defeated 

Heard all the lies

But stayed Lost in the skies

I knew in my soul

That I had to go

If only I knew

I was just one of the few

Played like 2 k

But you was my real bae 

A friend I couldn't replace 

But now I need space 

Who knew it would come to this

Why you put me through this shit?

You had a lot going on 

But you was all in the wrong

I wish you'd get it together 

But I know you would never

I gave up all hope

Stopped taking notes

And proceed to smoke dope

My name is Maxx I’m a 24 y|o poet, rapper & model from Queens, N.Y. My poetry style is real raw, I just don’t give a phuck. I write what’s on my mind and in my heart w| no filter or fear. My poetry consists of my life experiences, relationships & my deep rooted feelings. 

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