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Maxx George

90s Tomboy x Je Ne Sais Quoi + Futuristic = Maxx


That is my genre of fashion in equation form, as simplified as I can get it at least. My style is a combination of what I feel & the weather hunty b|c here in N.Y.C. it’s as random as my mood. We can’t get a consistent season here if we paid somebody . So some days I’m feeling like a sweatsuit & sneakers then the next day or hour I’m rocking a baseball jersey w| heels. It varies ! But I truly try to always combine comfort in my fits:


-Baggy bottoms x Tight Top

-Dress x Sneaks 

-Baggy Top x Tight Bottoms

-Hoodie x Heels ect. 


That’s probably why 98% of my closest is men’s clothing, mostly vintage to be exact. I own about 30+ windbreakers all from the 80s & 90s, that era is just my vibe. I’m enamored of a natural face, baggy clothes, colorful prints and gold jewelry. I’m more fond of accessories vs clothing, they can really make a fit!  My top 4 essential accessories include:


  1. Shades

  2. Hats / Bandanas 

  3. Jewelry

  4. & A Good Bag or Fanny 


You will never catch me out without at least one of those 4 accessories on. Some things are just needed and time into your look is important, add something put some effort. You don’t have to made up or in a dress to be attractive or stylish. I feel that’s where a lot of women get it wrong, we define our own sexy. That’s why I wear what I want and I feel good doing so. But I totally just skipped over my whole intro & went straight into to my style. Pardon me, my name is Maxx G. I’m from N.Y.C. Queens to be exact & this is my style elucidation. 


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