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Monet Mitchell


It is one thing to be used

Another, to use

For some time, you were my bottle of wine

Slightly a rebound while I tried to make things right 

I knew I had to get sober but you were so intoxicating

I never consumed anything like you 

My new booze 

and when I got sober 

I relapsed by using you

To fill my addiction’s shoes

You were supposed to be my cure 

And all I did was lure myself into abuse

Addicted to something new

That would later come back and infiltrate me 

Back to the glass I go 

Because unlike you, it has never betrayed me

Made me sick maybe


It needs me just as much 

And it wont let go of its grip on me because I control it

Unlike you 

So I got real numb 

To the point that I couldn't feel the car crash that snapped my neck in half

The most tangible substance I knew slipped through my fingers

And just like you, betrayed me too.

How can I forgive and forget when I 

Live and regret

Thinking someone else deserves a life I made into a mess.

I wanted to hide me so I put a liquid mask on 

That melted away I was left with nothing but a past that I regret 

Reality took center stage while my character died.

But never again will I choose death when i’m still alive.

 I’ve always had a connection to writing. When I was younger, I kept diaries and journals often. I used to fill up every page with short stories. Things about my day and especially things I couldn’t say out loud. It’s the only way I really get creative. I started doing poetry more in high school after my creative writing teacher really pushed me.  I’m not much of a self-starter so I appreciate the people that are tough on me or don’t give up when I get lazy. I came up with so many pieces that I fell in love with and eventually in my twenties I started attending more spoken word and open mic events where I finally got the chance to have all the things I’ve been writing spoken. My writing style since then has been pretty reflective. I write things for myself and just hope people can relate to what I’m saying if they feel that way too.

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