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Na'Ye Perez

I am not the next Basqiuat or Pable Piccasso,

I am not abstract nor am I the next socially aware artist,

I am a human being painting dope ass stories on canvas. - Na'ye Perez


I am from Columbus, Ohio and currently pursuing my MFA at Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn. My art is powered by my black, latino and carribean influences, hip hop, and various communities that made me whom I am. Through symbolism and world around us, my art embraces black empowerment, identity, community and culture, our trials and tribulations, and ultimately life. To push our story by any means neccesary, the medium is just a vessal for those stories. I am Na'ye Perez.

Follow Na'Ye:

Personal/Business Instagram: naye_davinci1914

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