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"Four Am" - On the Rise


Written by: Hollie Kawall, April 16, 2019

I was scrolling on my Instagram timeline when I first discovered Four Am. I came across this visual that appeared on my timeline. It was showing a display of colors, images, music and motions that had me so intrigued, it was like something taken out of “Alice in Wonderland’s” story, I had to find out more. Four Am was a new voice that I automatically knew just from seeing that visual is someone who would make it big in the music industry. For someone who has only been a feature on one other song “1ntoxic4ated” by A.c.t. Natural, Four Am seems to be making a name for himself already through his music and his visuals. 


The video that I had seen on Instagram was a promotion for the song  “Rarri” that he would later release. The anticipation was building and it was definitely worth the wait. On April 3rd, New York based singer Four Am dropped his new single “Rarri” alongside with a music video and fans are showing nothing but love and support. In his video Four Am is accompanied by a female that seems to be his lover. He talks about his love for this person and describes how well he would take care of her, spoiling her, showing her the luxurious life, taking her for rides in his Ferrari saying, “Have you ever been inside a Rarri, I can show you things you never seen”. Between the lyrics, sounds, and visuals that this music video portrays you can see that this is an artist that is on the rise to much success. “Rarri” is now out streaming on all platforms.

Check out RARRI:

Instagram: 4am_mayhem



Photo creds: faulestyle

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