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Stephan Verwayne-Mullen

My name is Stephan. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Queens at the age of 5 so I guess I can’t really rep Brooklyn anymore - haha.


My style is a bit of a mash up between Frank Ocean’s subtle and minimal aesthetic and Luka Sabbat’s adventurous and gender neutral aesthetic. I love mixing feminine and masculine elements into my style to create something that is at times plain but unexpected and entirely my own. Though I take interest in fashion and I'm actively learning names, brands, and influencers that lead the fashion industry, my style is simply - a means of self expression.


By looking at my style you may assume I work in fashion or want to pursue a career in fashion. That was true at one point and I still hold dreams of collaborating with names and figures of the fashion industry, but over the past year or so many things have drastically changed for the better.


I currently work as an interior designer, and will be starting a Masters program in Architecture and Lighting design in a few weeks. Ideally what I’d like to focus on is retail store design, but working in this industry has taught me that the possibilities are endless and I should never limit myself. 

Follow Stephan:

Personal Instagram: stph.v

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