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One by her ViZion


Written/Interviewed by: Tyler C. Perez , October 2, 2019

The Girl with the crazy H.A.I.R. 26 year old Portsmouth, VA native Octavia Vizion Mills “The ViZion”, is taking Virginia over in her lyrical talent and music; cultivating her own Black Wall Street, The ViZion is telling what she’s gonna do, she do it, and making her a profit; throwing off ya logic!

Originally a writer, the ViZion decided to give life to her words, becoming committed in her craft of music. I was privileged to witness The ViZion perform one night at a local open mic and was instantly moved.

The ViZion, originally “ViZion”, shared that her strongest motivator for her music was issues of life:

“My boyfriend says I am a hurt rapper..He compares me to Joe Budden. I would consider pain as a strong motivator”.  The artist also shared background of pain being her motivator into her EP the Girl with the crazy H.A.I.R.: “The concept of girl with the crazy HAIR (having artificial inner resistance) came from my experience at basic training when I joined the army. I was mistreated because of my hair. I had a fro. The songs on the project all represent different things and mindsets I adopted throughout my life…

“…Holding On was a song created when I was trying to encourage myself through a tough time. Open Skies was me exposing the church and things that pass for “Christ-like” but are really man-made traditions; Dunamis Power I wanted to do for a younger crowd. Dunamis is the power of God. Beverly was about a childhood friend of mine who drowned at the beach.”

Bringing us to this current ‘mindset’: Black Wall Street.


“Black Wall Street (Flip it) was inspired when I started to look into the stock market and listening to an audiobook by Robert Kioski. Plus I wanted to have at least one black anthem all through all for one race (human)” said the artist. The ViZion concludes the song with stating that ‘..the only thing limiting us is our thinking’ which displays the connection between how we view profits to being more than just money and education and the real limitations to attaining it being placed from within.

The artist attributes her diversity with her musical identity level as of Billie Ellish with her ability to connect with all people despite their differences Along with her other strongest musical influences: Nipsey Hussle, Childish Gambino, Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, For non blondes. 

Similar to how her influences have made an impact on her as an artist, The ViZion wants to see her music impact many but ‘the most important thing is that the people relate and know that the love is genuine.’

Being vulnerable in her craft, The ViZion’s advice to upcoming artists is similar in nature: “Don’t be afraid to let people see every side of them. We are not really as consistent as we would like to think. Sometimes there are contradictions within us”.


Checkout The ViZion: 

Instagram: writethevizion


Music/Work: writethevizion. 



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