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I’m a 17 year old artist, born and currently living in Baltimore, MD. I guess you can say it’s a God given talent because I’ve been drawing since I was born and I haven’t stopped since and I’ve gotten progressively better as the years went bye. My art style is a mixture of traditional/fine arts with modern art. I love drawing portraits of people (especially rappers). Hip Hop inspires me a lot, there’s never a day when I’m not listening to hip hop music. I listen to hip hop when I’m going to school, drawing, even when I’m sleeping, it’s apart of my life that no one can take away.


I’m also inspired by artist who also do portraits like Cesar Santos and a lot of other famous artists or artists I find on social media that I take inspiration from. Last summer I hosted my first art gallery and it was a success! Most of my artworks were sold and a lot of people came including my family and friends coming for support. You never know what the future holds but I want to go to college after I graduate high school, be an entrepreneur, start my own art/clothing business (currently selling t-shirts for my brand WRTSOEL) and for my artwork I hope I do my art exhibitions and attend big art events just to put my name out there. 




Follow WRT:

Personal Instagram: wrt_da_artist

Twitter: WRTSOEL


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